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loyalty program

Please note a change to our Loyalty Program terms and conditions:

You can find the updated Loyalty Program Terms & Conditions Here.

Our loyalty points previously had no expiration date.

Our loyalty points will now expire 1 year from the date they are accrued (date of purchase) effective from 4/4/17.


  1. No other changes have been made to the program which rewards our loyalty members with $5 savings per 100 points earned. Our friendly staff will encourage you to use your points each time you shop. You can choose to save them up but need to be aware that they will now expire 1 year from the time of each purchase.
  2. Our Loyalty Program could now be considered to be a save as you go program. As long as you continuously use your points as you shop, you will save! Easy!
  3. Please ask any of our staff if you have any questions.